TERIGAMI is based on the firm foundation of responsible SCISSOR EDUCATION.


Simply put, it is learning how to hold, use, carry, care for, protect and respect scissors.
Scissors are a
friend not a foe. We can never assume that children know how to use
any tool be it a pencil, an eraser, pen, knife, fork, brush, etc. And scissors are no exception.
The more a child understands how to use tools correctly and responsibly, the greater the
creative potential, the less the possibility of potential accidents.

Proper SCISSOR EDUCATION requires time, patience and commitment.

Scissors cannot talk, walk or cut anything without the help of human hands. They have no
feet so they can't get into trouble! However, the minute we pick up scissors , we must
remember to care for and protect them. If we entrust scissors to little hands, it is our
responsibility to make sure that they are carried, handled, used and cared for correctly.

TERIGAMI SCISSOR EDUCATION teaches children and adults about the following:

Scissor Safety
Scissor usage
Glue and scissors
Clay and scissors
Front and Back Teeth
Right and Left handedness
Scissor care
Scissor exercises
Choosing the right scissors
Paper usage
Paper ecology (
Green Art)
Gluing techniques