Cut to Learn Cut to Discover Your own Magic Hands

My first cut...a bird!

TERIGAMI starts with original energizing Hand Aerobics© that wake up the hands.
As kids master cutting and realize their own
Magic Hands, exciting things happen:
Fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination skills are transformed
Ability to focus and concentrate for long periods of time is sustained
Creative flexibility and self-confidence using one’s hands improves
Visual learning skills and the understanding of spatial relationships,
 both of which relate to success in academics, are awakened
Basic concepts (colors, shapes, sizes, numbers, weather, feelings)
  are easily mastered and understood
Language and literacy skills expand (ESL, EFL and native languages)


In Teri’s ongoing fieldwork and research it is apparent that children’s fine motor skills and
confidence in using their hands to hold tools continues to dwindle. And now, with the
emphasis on technology and computer skills, many educators and parents dismiss scissors
as an unnecessary "craft tool". On the contrary: scissors provide the opportunity to master
and experience indispensable
bilateral coordination. Use of scissors helps to develop the
muscles in small hands that are necessary in everything one does from zipping zippers, to
picking up small objects, holding objects and other utensils.