Having spent half of my life in the US and the other half in Japan, in either country, I am a
hexagon peg in a round hole. Blonde and blue-eyed on the outside, inside I feel sporadic
fireworks of multi-colored traditions and cultures. Since 2000, as a free agent, I have been
blessed with many exciting challenges. Tokyo is a fascinating city and I remain forever
appreciative to the many and colleagues who have entrusted me with multifaceted creative
adventures and responsibilities.

In addition to my creative scissor-based programs and Professional Development Workshops
for kids, parents, educators and administrators, I continue to lecture and present venues for
both private and public organizations, libraries, educational institutions, governmental groups,
youth groups and leaders and volunteers on a variety of topics including bilingual education,
parenting, trans-national (bicultural families), art education, volunteering, creativity, my life
and experiences in Japan, study abroad, teaching English, the importance of living, and family

Although I am a native English speaker, the majority of my public speaking engagements
in Japan are in Japanese and I do not require the assistance of a translator. I also welcome
giving bilingual presentations in both English and Japanese. I have been a guest lecturer at
Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, the University of Seoul, at National Youth
Centers in Japan, for the Japan Junior Chamber of Commerce, Girl Scouts of Japan, the Uehiro
Ethics Foundation, Fenton Charter School in Los Angeles, for numerous Prefectural Government
Boards of Education, Hakuoh University and both Japanese and international daycare, childcare, pre-school, elementary, middle and high schools in Japan.

Aside from my work at the Children’s Castle, some of my most rewarding experiences have been:

In 2014, received a Certificate of Recognition from the Mayor of Ventura and City
  Council as a participating artist who painted “Ocean Songs” and “Year Round Beauty”
  designs for Ventura’s Community Art Utility Box Project.

In June 2013, representing the US, I was a Guest Presenter and Panelist at
  the First World Toy Summit held at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.
  The goal of the Summit was to show how toys and play impact world peace
  by encouraging interpersonal communication and the importance of making
  sustainable toys.

Named by the 1996 Tokyo Journal as "one of the 50 foreigners who had made a
  difference in Japan"

Advisor to the Ministry of Science and Education's 14 National Youth Centers

Bilingual Specialist Educator at Hakuoh University and Hakuoh University Kindergarten

AUTHOR of the first government-contracted Internet English Program, Action 8, that was
  implemented in Japanese schools nationwide

The first foreign female Concept and Design Consultant for Japan's first entire children's
  floor renewal at Nihonbashi Takashimaya, a major Tokyo department store

Co-creator and star of NHK Educational's first all English summer special television
  program for kids, "Teri's Magic Scissors"

Being the mother of two of the most awesome and loving individuals in the universe,
  my daughters, Kunimi Andrea and Mayuka Thais

Several pictures of me with "Teri-tori", my paper "scissor bird" companion on the show.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
3 Santas during a magazine shoot
Smiles make a happy, healthy family