2005-2008  Let's Open the Door!   Children's Broadcasting Network (Kodomo Hosokyoku)
       This 90 minute weekly scissor art/education and creative challenge program for
       kids was aired every Saturday in nationwide children’s centers throughout Japan.
       One of the most popular segments was the Teri’s Cut Paper Quiz.
2005     Ohiru desuyo! Hasami Street  NHK
       This regular weeklong program aired at noon each day. During a one week special
       segment on scissors, Teri was invited as guest commentator.
  Hajimeyo Eikaiwa    NHK Educational
       Teri was a character actress for this regular English language program for adults.
  Mrs. Santa's Doki Doki Family  SkyPerfecTV!
       This bilingual program for children and families aired twice daily. Dressed as an
       all-season Mrs. Santa, Teri performed with a cast of children and adults. Along with
       Teri's free-hand holiday cut paper art, seasonal crafts, customs, games, music, foods,
       Hand Aerobics? and dancing were introduced.
     Teri's Magic Scissors  NHK Educational
       This Special Summer Pilot was NHK's very first ALL ENGLISH program for children.
       Each day, Teri and her Teri-tory bird talked about scissor safety and usage and then
       introduced cut-paper craft ideas for children's summer homework projects.

1996-1999  Oshare Kobo  NHK
       Teri made several guest appearances as Mrs. Santa and the Halloween Good Witch
       to discuss holiday customs, foods and to introduce original holiday cut paper crafts.