Developed in 2012, EHON-YA えほんや is illustrated by famous Japanese artists and the first trilingual (English/Japanese/Chinese) iTunes App of worldwide children's stories. Teri translated Japanese versions into English and brought the stories to life as the main voiceover actor. This App was awarded a 4 Star Certification from EAS, the UK Educational App Store.



This iTunes App for iPhone, iPod and iPad was designed to help adults hone their English skills and learn useful and extraordinary everyday expressions. Teri served as Educational Consultant, voiceover actor and author of the bilingual content which contains stories, quizzes and interesting situations.


Teri's Happy Animals CD and Bilingual Action Apron

Suitable for teaching any language, this colorful Action Apron Theater includes five pockets,
a teaching manual and CD with original songs, story telling and English word and expression
review. Five jolly animal puppets, Elephant, Rabbit, Giraffe, Alligator and Snake use action-
based expressions, manipulatives, music to introduce colors, shapes, sizes, numbers,
feelings, greetings, weather, fruits and vegetables and action verbs. Ten numbered felt fish
with magnets and a fishing pole are part of the learning magic.

Original music for the soundtrack was created by Mariko Hata with lyrics by Teri.
Animal character narration and vocals were performed by Kunimi Andrea, Mayuka Thais,
Mariko Hata and Teri.


2003-2006 Genki Genki Nontan    Polygon Pictures and Columbia Music Entertainment
      Advisor, voiceovers for bilingual videos/DVD using Nontan, a famous Japanese

2004    JUMP RIGHT IN!      Jet Program
      Advisor and voiceover actor for this video training program for ALT teachers.

2002    Tomorrow is a New Day  NHK Software, Benesse
      On-site advisor for California filming of video made for Japanese students
      considering study and homestay programs in America.
      Assistant On-site Director: Kunimi Andrea and On-site Coordinator: Mayuka Thais.

2000   Playtime for Toddlers  Benesse Corporation

      Author of educational concept and contents, original screenplay writer, creative advisor,
Benesse's first all-English edutainment program for toddlers.
      This collaborative work involved three major companies, Benesse, Kyodo Television
      and Digital Frontier, and includes a DVD, CD and two board books. Main actress on
      DVD: Kunimi Andrea; main vocalists and narrators for DVD, CD: Kunimi Andrea,
      Mayuka Thais and Teri.

1987   I CAN Series
      Britannica, Japan

      This action-based bilingual program based on DOYO, traditional Japanese children's
      songs translated into English included 3 cut-paper illustrated story books, 4 audio
      cassettes, 4 videos, one bilingual song album and curriculum cards for parents and