In 2014, Japan's Columbia Music Entertainment commissioned Teri to translate "Happy Kumamon", into English. The Japanese version, created by the popular children's singer/songwriting team Keroponz, is the theme song for Kumamoto's popular bear character, Kumamon.

Teri has written over 100 children's songs for educational products, stage productions, books, schools and television programs. Having translated 130 DOYO (traditional Japanese children's
songs), she believes that translated works for kids must be true and respect the cultural context
and intent of the original songwriter, with expressions and words that are easy to understand and
remember, simple, and melodically child-friendly.

Teri serves as a Studio Consultant, Director and Voiceover artist for English language recordings.
Some of her CD cover designs as well as CD's she has produced, directed or collaborated on are
shown here.

The majority of CD's below include original music written by Teri and her daughters, who also
performed in English or bilingually in Japanese and English as the main vocalists and narrators.

In 1995, the song, "The Future's in Our Hands", (All We Need album) that was created for
the Japan Junior Chamber's "Future of Children" project,  became the theme song for the
International Junior Chamber Conference's "Future of Children" project in Glasgow, England.
Written by Mayuka Thais, Steve Tootell and Teri, with music by Steve Tootell, the song
expresses that the key to peace lies in the hearts of children, and encourages adults to tune
in and listen to what children have to say.