2013-present   YEAH! MEMORIES!
          Akachan to Mama Magazine WEB (Baby & Mother magazine)
          Contributes monthly article in Japanese with cut-paper
          illustrations for a famous magazine's website. Content
          centers around memories of raising children in Japan and
          cross-cultural observations.

2013-present    Hello from America
          Japan Childcare Association "Hoikukai" 保育界
Contributes monthly articles with photographs for a
          publication that reaches over 9200 childcare centers,
          government agencies, childcare organizations and specialists.
          Articles concern cross-cultural insights about childcare,
          education, parenting, nutrition and customs.

1999-2000    Teri's Magic Scissors
          Hoiku no Hiroba Magazine, Meito Publishers

2009-2010    Teri and Mayuka's Paper World
          Hoiku no Hiroba Magazine, Meito Publishers


         This nationwide magazine is published monthly for childcare and pre-K teachers.
         The initial two-page spread in 1999 concentrated on cutting ideas for teachers.
         Mixed-media and cutting were combined in 2009 by Teri and Mayuka Thais, her

2009-2011    Teri Suzanne's Super Bonding
Akachan to Mama Magazine


         This monthly illustrated column was created to offer child rearing hints and
         positive encouragement to mothers with infants.

2000       Scissors: A Cut Above
          Schoolarts Magazine (USA)


         This was a two-page article about the importance of scissors and scissor
         education for young children.

1995-2011   TERI'S TALK
          Japan Journal of Well-Being for Nursery Schoolers 


         This long-running popular column with illustrations is read by pediatricians,
         doctors, nurses, dentists, health care providers, psychologists and teachers.
         This bilingual column gives cross-cultural perspectives, health care advice and
         useful English phrases and expressions.

2001-2005    ASOBIMPIC
          Popi Publishing and SKIP Inc.

         For this popular manga magazine, Teri wrote six different ESL curriculums
         each month for 1st-6th grade students.

1996        Crayola Pamphlet design
          Binney and Smith

         This bilingual pamphlet was produced in Tokyo in an effort to educate
         consumers and schools about the diversity and availability of Crayola products.

1990-95     Hocus Pocus 王国 , あべこべLand and Teri and Friends
Mainichi Elementary School Student Newspaper

         These were the first bilingual, illustrated columns for nationwide elementary
         school students. As a special gift to elementary students, audio cassettes with
         original music and bilingual narrative stories from weekly Saturday columns
         were recorded monthly by Kunimi Andrea, Mayuka Thais, John Davis and Teri. 
         Original music was created by John Davis, lyrics by Teri.