2010   Kirigami Chokkin
       Fukuinkan Publishers

      This 28-page story in the April edition of Ookina Pocket was an artistic collaboration
      between a well-known manga artist, Kazuhiro Uchida and Teri's cut-paper art. Created
      for 1st and 2nd graders the story is about a little crab aspiring to become a scissor
      genius. Basic cutting exercises help any child become a scissor genius, too.

1998   Teri's Magic Scissors
       Iwasaki Publishers

      The three books based on Teri's scissor cutting system are:
      Choki Choki Kids, Katachi wa Happy, Party! Party! Party!
      As co-author, Teri's daughter, Kunimi Andrea, translated all three books into Japanese,
      and developed the concept of using the scissor character as the main story navigator.

1988   The Adventures of Shiny and Sparkle
ALC Publishers

      This book with narrative audio cassette and "Magic Words" theme song was created
      to coincide with the opening of Nihonbashi Takashimaya Department Store's Children's
      Floor Renewal for which Teri served as Creative Consultant. "Magic Words", sung by
      Kunimi Andrea and Mayuka Thais, was used for floor music as well as television