2014     Ventura, California “First Fridays Ventura”
       HUD Gallery Art Show-First Fridays Ventura-December
       Exhibited cut-paper artworks alongside mixed-media art/photography
       by international artists.

2011     Agee Salon-Tokyo, Japan Exhibited 50 cut-paper scissor artworks,
       some of which reflected the massive 2011 earthquake.

1989     Nihonbashi Takashimaya Department Store, Main Gallery

       Original cut-paper illustrations featuring DOYO characters from
       "I CAN" bilingual storybooks (Britannica, Japan) and additional
       pieces depicting holiday themes (Valentines, Halloween,
       Christmas, etc.) Hands-on paper-cutting workshops for kids
       were held on weekends.

1989     Futago Tamagawen Takashimaya Department Store
       Pose Women's Gallery

       Original exhibit pieces from the Nihonbashi Takashimaya show
       were displayed again during the summer in this women's art gallery.